Pre-interview Survey

Download the form

Prefer to fill out the pre-interview survey on your computer using Microsoft Word? Download the electronic form below.

Prefer to print the survey and fill it out by hand? Download the printable form below.

About the survey

We are conducting life-course interviews; this means we will ask you about your family history and your life experiences from childhood until now. This survey will help us prepare our questions for the interview session. The survey also provides a genealogical resource for your family – a copy of this form will be attached to your transcript to share with your family after the interview process is complete.

Please complete as many of the questions as you feel comfortable answering. You can omit any information that you do not feel comfortable sharing. Feel free to add any supplementary information that you think will help us prepare for your interview. You can also attach other biographical materials that you want to share, such as your resume or articles about you and your family.

How to return the survey

The fastest way to return your survey is to email it to Dr. Jesse Bayker at

You can also fax it to (844) 444-1295.

If you prefer to return your survey by mail, you can send it to:

Rutgers University–Camden
ATTN: Dr. Kendra Boyd
429 Cooper St.
Camden, NJ 08102